Vegetable Samosa (NF) (DF)

(2 pieces) - Home made pastry shaped as pyramids stuffed with cooked potatoes, green peas & spices.
$ 8.50

Onion Bhaji (NF) (DF)

Sliced onions mixed with spices in chic pea flour & deep fried.
$ 8.50

Prawn Pakoras (NF) (DF)

(4 pieces) - Shelled prawn mixed in special batter, deep fried & served with tomato relish.
$ 9.50

Assorted Pappadum Basket (GF) (NF) (DF)

(For Two) Plain, garlic & cumin pappadums served with sweet mango chutney, mint & tomato relish.
$ 9.90

Vegetable Pakoras (NF) (DF)

(4 pieces) Cauliflower, spinach, potatoes, & onions mixed together with spices in chic pea flour batter & deep fried.
$ 8.50

Mixed Pakoras (NF) (DF)

Mixture of one piece of each of the above.
$ 10.50

Tandoori Dishes

All Tandoori comes with salad and chutney. Available as Entree & Mains.

Chicken Tikka (GF) (NF)

Tender morsels of boneless chicken marinated in spices & yoghurt & roasted over charcoal.
$ 11.90 - $18.90

Seekh Kebab (GF) (NF) (DF)

Lean Lamb mince kneaded with fresh coriander, mint, ginger & garlic skewered & cooked in tandoor.
$ 11.90 - $18.90

Coriander Chicken Tikka (NF)

Tender cubes of chicken in marination of fresh coriander, yoghurt, ginger garlic & spices.
$ 11.90 - $18.90

Garlic Prawn Tandoori (GF) (NF)

Juicy prawn in chefs special marinade, roasted in the tandoor.
$ 12.90 - $22.90

Tandoori Kebab Platter (GF) (NF)

A mix of the above kebabs.
$ 12.90 - $21.90

Tandoori Chicken (GF) (NF)

Tender chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs & aromatic spices cooked until succulently smoked.
$ 11.90 - $18.90

Tandoori Paneer Tikka (GF) (NF)

Indian Cottage Paneer in a medium spiced marinate with Chefs blend of garam masala served with warm salad of capsicum & Spanish onion.
$ 11.90 - $18.90

Mains - Chicken

Butter Chicken (GF)

Mild to medium spiced - Chefs of tandoori special - succulent boneless chicken pieces in a creamy gravy of tomatoes, delicate spices & paprika then finished with ground nuts & cream.
$ 19.90

Dhaba Murg (GF)

Medium spiced - Marinated boneless chicken pieces cooked in mughlai style with onion, tomatoes & whole exotic spices.
$ 19.90

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF) (NF)

Medium spiced - A classic preparation of roasted chicken Tikka coated in an onion tomato & fenugreek gravy finished with fresh cream & coriander.
$ 19.90

Chicken Chetinad (GF) (DF) (NF)

Hot & Spicy - Succulent pieces of chicken in a south Indian blend of spices & special Chetinad red bell peppers, finished with a dash of coconut cream.
$ 19.90

Mains - Lamb

Lamb do Piaza (GF)

Medium spiced - Cubes of boneless lamb cooked tender in a double glazed onion gravy infused with own blend of garam masala.
$ 19.90

Lamb Rogan Josh (GF) (NF)

Medium spiced - Tender lamb cubes cooked in rich & intense gravy deriving its flavours & color from the kashmiri red chilli.
$ 19.90

Lamb Madras (GF) (NF) (DF)

Medium spiced - South Indian preparation of very tender lamb cubes cooked in a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves coconut cream & tamarind.
$ 19.90

Lamb Palak (GF) (NF)

Medium spiced - Lamb cooked with fresh spinach puree, ginger, garlic, whole spices & fenugreek leaves.
$ 19.90

Mains - Beef

Beef Korma (GF)

Mild to medium spiced - A popular Mughlai dish of diced beef cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, spices, yoghurt & cashew nuts finished with cream.
$ 19.90

Beef Vindaloo (GF) (NF)

For those who like it hot. A superb Goan creation literally meaning beef cooked with vinegar, potatoes, whole ground spices & red hot chillies.
$ 19.90

Beef Dalcha (GF) (NF) (DF)

Medium Spiced - Combination of beef & yellow lentil curry flavoured with fresh mint & fried onion - a specialty of Hyderabad Cuisine.
$ 19.90

Beef Zingaloo (GF) (NF) (DF)

5/10 Super-hot! Seriously hot beef curry for chilli lovers, a variation of Vindaloo with fire. Caution - we have blown the lid once with this!!!!!
$ 20.90

Mains - Seafood

Kerala Fish Curry (GF) (NF)

Medium spiced - Fish fillets cooked in freshly made masala of hot chilli, tamarind, mustard seeds & curry leaves, finished with a hint of coconut cream.
$ 19.90

Amritsari Fish Masala (GF) (NF)

Medium spiced - Fish fillets tossed in onion seeds tempered curry of onion tomato & spices finished with cubes of capsicum & fresh cream.
$ 19.90

Prawn Malabari Curry (NF)

Mild to medium spiced - The most popular curry of onion, tomatoes, ginger, fresh basil & coconut cream - a speciality from the west coast of India.
$ 21.90

Prawn Taka Tin Curry (NF) (DF)

Hot & Spicy - Tiger prawns coated in a spicy Goan curry of fresh chilies, tomato & vinegar.
$ 21.90

Vegetarian Delights

Aloo Gobhi (GF) (NF) (DF)

Mild to medium spiced - Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with ginger, tomatoes, herbs & spices.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Palak Paneer (NF) (GF)

Mild to medium spiced - Cubes of low fat ricotta cheese cooked in fresh spinach with whole spices.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Mixed Vegetable Curry (GF)

Mild to medium spiced - Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in onion, tomatoes, ginger in a fenugreek creamy gravy.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Dhall Makhani (GF) (NF)

Mild to medium spiced - Chefs of tandoori special - urad dhall cooked on a slow fired tandoor finished with herbs, spices & cream.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Eggplant Patiala (GF) (DF)

Medium spiced - Vegan - Cubes of eggplant pan fried with onion seed flavoured fresh masala.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Malai Kofta

A rare vegetarian offering of Mughlai cuisine – potato & ricotta Kofta wrapped in creamy cashew gravy.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Chickpea Masala (GF) (DF) (NF)

Medium spiced - Vegan - Ord river chickpea slow cooked in a masala of onion, tomato & tempered with Indian aniseed.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Paneer Laziz (GF)

Mild spiced - Ricotta cubes sautéed in tasty onion, tomato & fenugreek flavoured gravy finished with fresh cream.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Okra do Piazza (GF) (DF) (NF)

Mild spiced - Vegan - cubes of okra pan fried in chefs special masala flavoured with fresh mint.
$ 10.90 - $15.90

Peshawari Aloo (GF) (NF)

Mild spiced - Wedges of potato cooked with onion, tomatoes, ground spices, chillies & fennel powder.
$ 10.90 - $15.90


A speciality of hyderabad all biryanis are served with cucumber raita & mint chutney. Basamati rice infused with whole spices, fresh mint, ginger julienne & garam masala & cooked with either vegetables or meat of your choice.

Vegetable Biryani (GF) (NF)

$ 22.90

Lamb Biryani (GF) (NF)

$ 24.90

Beef Biryani (GF) (NF)

$ 24.90

Chicken Biryani (GF) (NF)

$ 24.90


Kashmiri Pullao (GF)

Rice cooked with whole spices, cashew nuts, sultanas & almonds, garnished with fried onion & coriander.
$ 3.50

Biryani Rice (GF)

Rice cooked with whole spices, fresh mint, ginger, coriander, & rose water.
$ 4.50

Steamed Saffron Rice (GF) (NF)

Rice steamed in clove & cardamon
$ 2.50

Kids Meal

Butter Chicken

With rice and pappadum
$ 14.90

Chicken Tikka

With cheese naan and salad
$ 14.90

Tandoori Naan Bread

Plain OR Butter (NF)

Freshly baked breads straight out of clay oven
$ 2.90

Garlic (NF)

Freshly baked breads straight out of clay oven
$ 3.90

Cheese (NF)

Freshly baked breads straight out of clay oven
$ 3.90

Spicy (NF)

Freshly baked breads straight out of clay oven
$ 3.90

Kashmiri Naan

stuffed with nuts & raisins.
$ 3.90

Keema Naan (NF)

lamb mince stuffed naan
$ 4.90

Roti (NF) (DF)

wholemeal bread
$ 2.90

Parantha (NF)

wholemeal flaky bread (plain or mint)
$ 3.90

Bhatura (NF)

deep fried flour, yoghurt & semolina bread.
$ 2.90

Salad, Raita & Chutneys

Garden Fresh Salad

Tomato, onion, cucumber, capsicum & lettuce tossed in special chefs own vinaigrette dressing.
$ 8.50

Cucumber Raita

Grated cucumber mixed in yoghurt, roasted cumin & cracked pepper
$ 5.90

Tamarind Chutney

$ 2.00

Sweet Mango Chutney

$ 2.00

Mint Yoghurt Chutney

$ 2.00

Tomato Relish

$ 2.00

Chilli Garlic Chutney (Hot)

$ 2.00

Mixed Vegetable Pickle

$ 2.00

Lime Pickle

$ 2.00

Mixed Chutney Plate

Choice of 3 Chutneys
$ 5.00


Lentil Wafers Deep Fried (4 Pieces)
$ 2.00
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